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eLine LRT Series - mViewer PRO configuration

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For iPhones and Android devices download and install mViewer Pro from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
The following steps are for setting up a site using an Android device.   iPhone devices are very similar but may have some differences in appearance.
1.       Open the App
2.       Tap on MONITORING
3.       Tap the MONITOR SCREEN icon
·         Device: Type in a name for your DVR
·         IP/Host: Enter in the IP address or DDNS (without the http://) for your DVR .
·         Cmd Port: Deafult is 5920
·         Stream Port: Default is 5921
·         User ID: Type in the DVR user account name
·         Password: Enter in DVR password
4.       Tap OK
5.       Tap on the new site in the list to connect to the DVR .
6.       Tap OK
How to search video:
1.       Tap the SEARCH icon
·         Tap on the calendar to specify date bracket.  Recorded video is highlighted RED. To select a different month tap the <> buttons at the top of the screen.
·         Tap BLUE bar for AM hours
·         Tap RED bar for PM hours
·         Tap GREEN bar to select minutes
·         Tap SEARCH button at the bottom to start playback.
2.       You can also search video from the main app screen by tapping the Playback menu.
Attached files
file lrt_mviewer_pro_config.pdf (89 kb)

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